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Brochures, saddle-stitched

A flexible solution: starting at 8 pages,up to thick magazines. Produced using high-quality offset printing processes with many modification options such as paper variations and finishings. Your brochures will have the best quality available anywhere.

Brochures can be printed for any occasion you need them for. You can use it to promote some event and to offer general or specific information on a certain subject or on your organisation or company. This saddle stitched brochures can be printed with all kinds of special settings you need for your own brochure.

Order the saddle stitched brochures in various sizes, from A6 till A3, square sizes or even other special sizes. The brochures can be printed on art print paper, offset paper or on recycled white paper. If you wish to have a cover, you can also set what kind of art print paper you would like to have this printed on. The cover can be printed on glossy or on matt pages and you can even choose to have the cover made with a special finishing like water-based varnish or single-sided relief varnish. You have to choose the orientation of your brochure (landscape or portrait) and if you would like staples or eyelets for stitching your brochure. The brochures are normally printed as double-sided colour print (4/4). You can also choose for the optional 1/1 or 5/5 colour printing.

Spiral booklet

The spiral binding, also known as Wire-O binding, is popular for many printed applications. For company newsletters, presentations, training manuals or doctoral theses - this is a classic binding known and popular. The sprial binding provides the best page-turning through your printed information. Also available in limited quantities with bilateral cellophane - the optimal food, beverage or ice cream menu for your restaurant, hotel or bar.

If you have a special occasion and want to have a spiral booklet printed for it, we offer you the opportunity. A booklet can be printed for many occasions. For example, you can have a booklet printed with information about your company or with the history of your organisation. The booklet can also contain information about the field you´re working in and the procedures you follow. One can think of many reasons to have a booklet printed.

If you are having your own spiral booklet printed, you can be as creative as you would like to be. The content and design has to be delivered by you, so you can put your own ideas and creativity into this. Besides that we offer you many options for personalising your spiral booklet even more. Choose what size spiral booklet you wish to have printed and between a portrait or landscape orientation. All pages of your booklet will be printed double sided with 4/4 colours. The page numbers can be chosen between 8 and 30 pages. The coil can vary between silver, black and white. An extra front or back cover can be inserted additionally. This can be a transparent film cover and for the back side it can also be a chipboard or white paperboard cover.

Brochure, gummed mount

Exposition handout, customer magazine or image brochure - brochures with gummed mount always offer outstanding quality for a lower price. That is possible because the manufacture of these brochures is very cost-efficient.

You can have your own brochure with a gummed mount made in several sizes: A6, A5, A4 and A3, but also square sizes and some special sizes. The brochures will be printed double sided in 4/4 colour or optional in 1/1 or 5/5 colour printing. You can also pick the kind of paper you would like for your brochure. We offer art print paper (90 g/m², 100 g/m², 115 g/m² or 135 g/m²), offset paper (80 g/m², 100 g/m² and 120 g/m²) and 80 g/m² recycled white paper. The page numbers are set on 8, 12 or 16 pages. Additional you can have your brochure printed in portrait or landscape, have it glossy or matt coated and optional water based varnish.

Printing Catalogues

Adhesive binding catalogues offer you lots of room for detailed information. No matter if it's a catalogue for your products, a wedding journal, an image brochure or an annual report - here you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

Do you want to have a catalogue printed for a special occasion? That's possible through our printing office. You can decide what will be printed inside and we'll print your catalogue just the way you like. You can order your catalogue in different sizes. We offer printing catalogues in small and big amounts. With a small amount you can choose to have little pages and to have it printed in 1/1 colours.

For the calculation of prices please send us the information:

1. Trimmed size (closed), mm and orientation.
2. The number of inner pages for your printing project and colors.
3. Paper quality.
4. Print run.
5. Binding methods (saddle-stitched, spiral, gummed mount).

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